Skill Set

Business Development

Project Implementation From Concept To Operational In Under 90 Days.

Strategic Planning

Defining Objectives; Creating Operational Procedures; Assignment & Delegation Of Responsibility; Measuring Progress & Adjustments For Desired Outcomes.

Problem Solving

Problem Identification; Critical Analysis; Solution Development; Personalization Of Individualized Roles; & Execution Of Additional Creative Solutions.

Game Theory

Reciprocity; Strategic Adversarial Planning; & Long Term Defensive Positioning.

Sales & Marketing

Creation Of New Markets; Campaigns To Increase Market Share; Offensive Market Recapture.


Engagement In Goal Oriented Management At All Levels; Expertise In High Stakes Crisis Management Situations.

Resource Development

Identification, Creation, & Capitalization Of Undeveloped Resources For Global Commerce & Liquidity; Equity Swaps; Barter.